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Cheese Cart

Our cheeses are carefully selected by Ruben Moreiro and David Villalón.

With over 20 varieties of cheeses, each one of them is selected to create a unique experience. All of our cheeseboards are cut at the moment to maintain the taste and freshness of the product in its optimum state.

Angelita Madrid

The Wines Madrid Angelita

The wine-bar, with its large windows, allows us to enjoy a full view of Reina’s Street. Our team of sommeliers is led by David Villalón & Rubén Moreiro, we have more than 500 wine references and more than 50 options of wines that you can try in a full glass or half a glass.

If you go for the whole bottle, there are over 500 kinds of wines to choose from.

Angelita Madrid

The Speakeasy Angelita Madrid

The gastro-cocktail bar (awarded at FIBAR 2018 and FIBAR 2019), is led by Mario Villalón.

Here Mario’s team will surprise you with a fun, original and daring cocktail experience made out of local ingredients and with special emphasis in the wine world. Most of the ingredients are homegrown (there’s a mini kitchen garden at the bar!).

Besides, there’s a unique collection of personalized distillates and the possibility of mixing cocktails with an ad hoc wine selection and “tapas” inspired by flavours from cuisine from all over the world.

Angelita Madrid

Cocktail Madrid Angelita

The Cock’s Tail. The inspiration comes from absinthe, the roaring twenties, art and expression. The Angelita’s Mix, that starts with wine, followed by gastronomy and ends with cocktails…. although the experience could also be a palindrome.

Angelita Madrid

Angelita Angelita Madrid

Wine, Cocktail, gastronomy (David, Mario and its parents’ homegrown ingredients).

As in a Big Band, each of the musical instruments shines on their own but played together is when they reach excellence. Our space has been conceived as a 360* bar. You must try the wines, the cocktails and the gastronomy to be able to state that you have lived Angelita Madrid’s Experience.

Angelita Madrid

Our Cuisine Madrid Angelita

The menu changes on a daily basis due to the seasonal products and the creations of Angelita's team led by Ricardo Ávila Franquet.

A modern version of traditional cuisine, reinvented to make sure that we’ll never stop surprising our diners.

Angelita Madrid

Events Angelita Madrid

Angelita, just for you. We generate personalized experiences, where we can design a Master Class about the rum that the pirates drank, or about the Burgundy region of France, it’s wines and secrets or even design one based on your interests. It's up to you!

Angelita Madrid

Booking Madrid Angelita

Welcome to the Angelita Madrid Experience!

You can make your reservations through our website or by calling +34 915 21 66 78.