Family grown produce, wine and cocktails

Angelita's current success could not be explained without the family tradition and the produce grown on the Villalón’s patch of land in Zamora (North West Spain). This is where 90% of the produce on offer in Calle Reina comes from -but this is also the root of the family’s longstanding relationship with hospitality, which shines through the work of the Villalón brothers and their team. David and Mario grew up in their parents' restaurant business where, one with wine and the other with spirits and mixed drinks, they came to have their own leading role.
Years after the El Padre adventure in Madrid's calle Serrano, Pablo Villalón (the father of the Villalón’s family) now lives in his orchard in Litos, wheretogether with Mari Ángeles (the mother of the Villalón’s family), he grows the raw material for his sons' business. They visit Angelita every Monday to deliver the harvested produce. Sustainability is here, honest about origin and processes, and the seasonal produce is subjected to minimal intervention.