Monday to Friday 17:30 - 02:00

Following the success of ‘Identidad’ (‘Identity’) —the cocktail menu made and served without ice—, Mario Villalón and his team continue with ‘Bebidas Vivas’ (‘Living Drinks’), a drinks list with the essential shapes of nature at its core: 20 cocktails based on a plant, which is seen as a living, evolving entity. The links of this approach with the philosophy of the upstairs rooms is obvious and reenforced by the possibility of ordering from the menu of the wine bar in the cocktail bar.
At Angelita, the bar team works without most of the conventional tools of the trade. In other words, this is a cocktail bar without a shaker or a mixing glass, seeking inspiration in pastry and haute cuisine techniques. They also measure and calculate the exact weight and dilutions. After seven years, Mario and his team keeps winning awards thanks to their innovation. They have reached the top 100 of Top 500 Bars, won a FIBAR award for Best Restaurant Cocktail Bar and three stars in the last edition of the Top Cocktail Bars. In addition, Mario Villalón has been recognised by prestigious trade publication Drinks International as one of the 100 most influential people of the bar industry globally.